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Our Internet Marketing strategies are all about building your web presence the right way the first time. We believe that the key to marketing a business online is to integrate all of your strategies together and build links between them. This means that all of your online methods should compliment each other. The most important element of Internet Marketing is your web site. Without a properly built web site, you really have nothing to show your potential clients.  Just building a website isn’t enough anymore.  Building a website without optimizing it is not effective. You must drive traffic to it in order for it to be a useful tool for you and your clients.

Search Engine Optimization is paradigm for internet marketing success. SEO has been around as long as search engines have existed. Without proper search engine optimization of your web site, it wouldn’t be found.

Local Marketing on Google Places can get you a fair amount of traffic as well. This must be done by a professional to get it right. Also, your web site must be properly optimized to support your Google Places listing. Google Places has merged with Google Plus in an effort to have users experience their social platform by reading and seeing reviews from their Google circles.

Social platforms are an OK way to get your name out, but they all fall under the mercy of the platform administration. Facebook is one of the biggest culprits here. they allow you to create a page for your business, but their policy won’t allow you to effectively advertise on that page. That creates a major waste of time and wasted money paying for a dead campaign. Make no mistake about it, they want to sell ads on their platform. Period!

YouTube is another social or viral entity which gives you a lot of latitude to exercise your creativity. As long as you are not trying to capitalize on someone else’s copy-written material, you can pretty much post what you want.

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